“Olivia took on the challenges with a commitment, wisdom, grace, and emotional intelligence that I have never seen equaled… she brings a high level of style and a unique voice to everything she works on. I could see her touch in all our best work, as well as in the critical but hard-to-define things like the emotional well-being of our creative team. Together, we accomplished the creative turnaround ahead of schedule – winning more top creative awards than any other office within the Avenue A-Razorfish network. I consider hiring Olivia to be perhaps the single smartest and most strategic moves I made during my tenure as Executive Creative Director. And I would work with her again in a heartbeat.”

Joseph W. Crump – Group Vice President, Razorfish

“She was instrumental in creating and opening the New York Office. Her application and attention to detail are impeccable… she constantly strives for higher standards; encouraging even those around her to raise the bar.”

Darren Borg – Head of Global Marketing, 19 Entertainment

“Without fail she was an astute liaison and someone extremely respected by every person she interacted with – entry level staff to tough executives and business leaders.  She is highly capable as a leader, and can always be counted on to think strategically and outside the box.  In addition to being one of the most resourceful and multi-talented people I’ve ever met, she is also a rare gem of a human being.”

Alan L. Ginsberg –  Philanthropist & Chairman, TechCity Properties

“Being an artist and entrepreneur is a lot about being creative, in your head. Olivia helped me to make my ideas reality. I don’t fully understand how she accomplished half the things that she did; all I know is, I explained my vision then gave her the autonomy to make it happen, and she manifested exactly what I’d communicated to her. I found her resourcefulness, organization, and ability to manage others extremely valuable to my startup.”

Chris ‘Kazi’ Rolle – Founder & President, Together Apart